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This should help navigate the site. Use your browsers FIND function (CTRL-F) to search this page when looking for specific information… Note that following links from within this page will work just fine. You can navigate your way BACK to this page when you need – or simply click the Site Map link in the navigation menu for a single click jump !


Site Updates – This page keeps a rolling history of most of the major updates at S2 Central.

Introduction – This area just sets the scene with a brief history to how the Audi S2 came to be.

Buyers Guide – A very popular resource to be used when buying (Or selling) an Audi S2.

Production Info – Some info on the Audi S2 production run across the family. Needs an update really.

Publications – Some magazine articles, brochures and workshop info hosted here and links to any others I know of.

Specifications – Factory info across the S2 family. It is mostly complete, but not perfect.

VIN Decoder – A java based script for decoding Audi VIN data.

More Codes – Information on many other magic numbers like vehicle option codes, paint codes & such.

Niggles – A little page of the few annoying things about the S2.

Links – A page of links to other useful web resources for the S2 owner and admirer.


S2 Forum – Enter the internet’s most friendly and award winning community for Audi S2 owners.



Technical DataThe main purpose of S2central.net and worthy of some detailed site map treatment below…


Bodywork & Trim – Interior and Exterior… Mostly work in progress at the moment.

Engine & Tuning – An introduction to the technical complexity of the Audi S2 engine with lots of Motronic & ECU info. A placeholder for all aspects of the S2 engine plus a useful resource on tuning & upgrades… This chapter is long overdue a rewrite !

Heating & Aircon – Self explanatory area here, but sadly lackly in data at the moment. Work in progress. This area shall build out to describe the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems on the S2 with coverage for manual aircon and automatic climate control.

Transmission – An introduction to understanding how the Torsen Quattro system works and resources on related topics such as the flywheel.

Running Gear – This is Audi language for brakes, ABS, suspension, driveshafts and steering. Also has useful wheel & tyre information.

Electrical Systems – This is a favourite area but is need of major inputs and updates. Includes useful background on Audi S2 wiring, and sub-systems like the instrument cluster and Autocheck devices. Also includes a navigable resource to find schematics – incomplete for Sedan/Avant.

Service Schedule – Lists of all the things that should be done to the S2 at the recommended intervals…

Workshop & Tools – A list of useful special VAG tools for various service operations… Also a useful piece on VAG-COM and OBD.



Coming Soon – The S2 Central HTGs – ‘How-To Guides’

The equivalent of DIY-SOS for the home mechanic. Written by myself and many other contributors from the S2 Forum to help others thru the often complex (but sometimes simple) steps to keep things roadworthy or tweaked to taste. Watch this space… Some articles will be hosted on this site, others will be hosted by other web sites and I’ll link to them directly.



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Last Updated 3rd September 2008