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This page is intended to track most of the site updates over time, as a (hopefully) useful reference point with direct links to new areas of interest or recently edited content...

Update Details
24th May 2016
Mirror site uploaded to
2nd September 2008
Current Flow Diagrams (Schematics) added for Coupe in the Techncial Chapter. Avant/Sedan to follow. Navigation menu tweaked to remove dead links and host the mighty S2 Forum inside the main frame.
17th April 2005
A little bit of info regards 'aero' wiper upgrades .
4th Feb 2005
Wheel & Tyre information added to technical chapters.
5th Sept 2004
A quick 'How To' remove and refit the centre console.
4th April 2004
Wouch - has it been that long... Sorry everyone for such a long time on updates here, but life in general and the hive of activity over at the S2 Forum takes up valuable time that I would like to spend on developing this site with more info. I finally managed to start work on the Transmission section of the Technical chapter.
20th November 2003
Wheel alignment info added to Technical chapter in the Running Gear section
26th August 2003
Wow - an update - just a little one, but important nonetheless... The forum page now links to the right place for all the hot S2 bulletin board activity.
15th June 2003
A brief update to the annual Service information pages with respect to lubrication of the universal joint on the propellor shaft.
5th May 2003
An update to the brakes section of the Technical-Running Gear chapter. Adds info about the brake proportioning valve, some maintenance info on changing pads, discs, torque settings and aftermarket brake fluids.
22nd April 2003
On a roll ? Maybe a guilty conscience for so many months of little new content :( Today adds some raw info on driveshafts and CV joints to the running gear section of the Technical chapters. Also some various minor edits about the site.
17th April 2003
Two updates in a week... it must be a holiday ! Just added some raw information to the running gear section of the Technical chapter regards the front suspension.
13th April 2003
Almost made this minor addition within a month of the last. Ahh well. Just some basic information on the many special tools needed to complete repairs on the S2.
10th Mar 2003
Two updates in a month ... getting better ! This adds some not very exciting (but useful) info regards service schedules and recommended lubricants etc etc. Follow links from the Technical chapters.
23rd Feb 2003
Oh dear - I'm slipping up ... more than a month since the last update ! But I haven't been idle on the site development or other fun stuff. This update launches a revised format for the Technical pages with an improved structure and hierarchy. Lots of content to follow in due course and major updates in the works.
22nd Jan 2003
Has it really been a whole month since the last update ? Wow - well hopefully this update regarding a boost test and specifications will make ABY owners happy. The 3B info will follow as and when I get my hands on it. Hopefully will get back into weekly updates soon as I still have tons of new info to sift, edit and share.
22nd Dec 2002
Minor update to the blink codes pages with deletion of the 2x2 circuitry which is not applicable to the S2.
9th Dec 2002
Another minor update to the MIL circuit page with a wiring anomolie that is pertinent to MY95 cars.
1st Dec 2002
Minor update to MIL circuit page with info on 3B and warning lamp legends
29th Nov 2002
Minor edits - just a quick tidyup here and there . Lighting gets an honorable mention in the niggles chapter.
24th Nov 2002
Addition of page for links to factory workshop manuals in the Publications chapter.

24th Nov 2002

This Update page created. Also minor edits to ABY diagnostic info wrt Basic Settings and measuring blocks.
22nd Nov 2002
MIL Circuit information added to the technical chapter..
9th Nov 2002
Minor updates & edits to technical chapters.
7th Nov 2002
Addition of production page . Also edits to introduction pages .
3rd Nov 2002
Addition of brake pressure regulator (bomb) info to technical brake section.
24th Oct 2002
Minor updates to brake section .
23rd Oct 2002
Minor updates to niggles chapter .
8th Oct 2002
Addition of ABS section in technical chapter including OBD information.
4th Oct 2002
New & Revised Links chapter .
1st Oct 2002
Heaps of Autocheck info added to the technical chapter.

The site was first created in August 2001 to fill a gap in the internet for a resource befitting to the S2 and its owners - present and future.

Last Updated 2nd September 2008