The Autocheck Computer

Introduction | Functionality | Hidden Features | Country Coding | Fuel/Range Calibration  


The purpose of this chapter is to describe the Autocheck & Trip computer on the S2. The Autocheck/Trip computer is standard equipment on all of the S2 variants. I suspect it was standard issue on all 80/90 quattro vehicles and was optional equipment on 2WD cars. However, like most things about these wonderful cars, documentation beyond what the owners handbook describes is very hard to find in the public domain - until now...

The contents of these pages is the sum of what I have gleamed from the 80/90 microfiche and my own findings with various components on the test bench. When the collective knowledge and experience of S2 owners around the world is integrated onto these pages we should have the ultimate Autocheck resource for all S2 (or 80/90/quattro) owners.

Last Updated 27th September 2002