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Brakes & Upgrades - Introduction

To set the scene...

The biggest criticism that most people have about the UR quattro and the S2 is the brakes. They work well enough for normal road use when properly maintained, but stopping performance is not exactly awe-inspiring on either car. The problem is exacerbated on the S2 by it's increased weight.

Anyone considering a track-day, or any other motorsport, with the S2 will quickly discover that the standard brakes simply do not have sufficient stopping power or fade resistance for such a heavy duty application. Fortunately a great many options exist to improve the standard brakes on the S2.

It is hoped that all the mainstream options for upgrading the brakes on the S2 can be covered here (via the links above), but I will not be able to capture them all. Please Email me with any comments you may have on your own brake setup or with suggestions about options not include here.

If you visited these pages hoping to find information on the brake pressure accumulator (aka 'The Bomb') then click here . There is also a section on ABS .

Last Updated 24th October 2002