Aero Wiper Upgrade

A subtle but effective way to modernise the appearance of the S2 is to fit a set of new fangled 'aero wipers'. Standard fitment on recent VW/Audi models such as the Lupo, Passat and others, they provide a more streamlined looking appearance to your windows.

The 'aero' term comes from the aerodynamic shape of the wiper blades which are designed to prevent them from lifting off the window surface at high speeds. Various combinations of wipers and blades are available to fit all shapes and combinations of the S2 - LHD & RHD. Note the reverse shaped wings on the rear Coupe wiper to cater for the way air flows at the back of the car.

This is a doddle for anyone... All you need is a 13mm socket or spanner !

On a right hand drive Coupe you need the following:

Front : 6X2 955 409C aero-wiper arms and 1J2 955 425B blades. 2-off each required. These blades are 470mm long. I can't remember if these arms need the plastic cover cap as listed below for the rear. Its cheap anyway and a couple spare can't be that bad.

Rear : 6X2 955 410 for the arm and 1J2 955 426B for a 530mm blade and a wee black plastic cap (Part# 1J0 955 205A 01C) to cover the fixing nut. I note that the blade also carries a Bosch number - 787 131 742 6394 which might be useful if you need to source these blades at a local motor factor in a hurry.

At the front, simply open the bonnet to gain access to the nuts (under a wee plastic cover) at the bottom of the wiper arms. A bit of a wiggle releases the old wipers, and a few seconds later you'll have the new ones in place and will be admiring the new low profile svelt appearance of your S2. The rear is even simpler, by the same single nut approach.

One thing to note is that you may need to bend the drivers side aero wiper - just a little - in order to provide clearance between the spring and the plastic trim at the bottom edge of the window.

Something else to note is that a longer wiper blade (1J2 955 426B) is required on the passenger side if you want the same swept area as the original Coupe blade. However, I discovered that the wiper arm needs to sit in a much less low-profile resting position to get the extra sweep and that the blade doesn't make full contact with the bottom part of the windscreen so I opted for both front blades at 470mm.

One minor niggle with the front wipers is that you need the bonnet up to change blades, but on the upside the aero blades are superbly designed for a much simpler changeover than the original 'orrible blades.

There is another variation of this option using alternative components that also work on the Audi C5 platform (A6/S6 family) but I'll need more time to gather that info.

Last Updated 28th January 2007