Service Information - Inspection Service

The recommended interval for the inspection service is every 12 months or 10k miles (15000 km) - whichever comes first. The list below is the minimum you should expect from your local franchised dealership or specialist workshop -

  • Engine oil changed and oil filter renewed
  • All components that influence emissions visually checked
  • Exhaust system checked for leaks or damage
  • Engine checked visually for any leaks or damge
  • Concentration of anti-freeze content in coolant checked and topped up if necessary
  • Hydraulic fluid level checked
  • Fault memory interrogated for all systems
  • Ignition timing, lambda operation, idle speed and CO content checked
  • Brake system checked visually for leaks or damage
  • Thickness of brake pads and discs checked
  • Gearbox, differentials and CV joints checked visually for leaks or damage
  • Suspension & steering joints checked for play, leaks or damage
  • Tread depth, wear pattern and pressures checked on all tyres
  • Door hinges and lock cylinders lubricated
  • Operation of door locks checked
  • Operation of ALL lighting, warning lamps and horn checked
  • Windscreen wiper blades checked for wear or damage
  • Operation of windscreen wiper & washer system checked
  • Road test :)
Something that the service book fails to mention is another little known maintenance point on the universal joint of the propellor shaft (connecting the centre and rear differentials). I managed to dig out a few words on this from the service manual for the UR and Sport quattro. This is to be done at the annual inspection service. Photos to come soon hopefully...
  • Clean the lubricating nipple on the propellor shaft - it may be obscured by shielding.
  • Lubricate the propeller shaft with a multi-purpose, lithium based grease

Other items worthwhile checking on an annual basis are as follows
  • Condition of the hydraulic pressure regulator (bomb) checked
  • Air filter checked - cleaned or replaced as necessary
  • Bonnet & Tailgate locks lubricated
  • Condition of turbocharger and intercooler hoses checked visually
  • Boost pressure test
  • Both radiators checked visually for leaks or damage
  • Operation of trip computer checked
  • Condition of V-belts checked visually and replaced if necessary
  • Check hydraulic clutch for leaks or damage
  • Operation of ABS checked
  • Condition of suspension bushes, wheel bearings and mountings checked
  • Operation of air conditioning system (if fitted)

Last Updated 15th June 2003