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General & Club Sites

Audi's global web-site

The global home page for all of Audi's generation 'S'

Quattro Owners Club

Club Audi

Audi Owner's Club



All Audi > A UK breaker specialising in Audi salvage. Check their on-line inventory

ETKA On-Line > An entirely unofficial online version of the unique ETKA resource

The Parts Department > Trading again under new management at VAG-Parts

Europarts > UK based source for pattern & original Audi parts

German & Swedish > Another UK based source of parts



K&N > Filters & Stuff. Tip - Search against the 1994 Audi S4 for S2 parts

Milltek Sports > Quality stainless steel exhaust manufacturer (UK)

AMD > An established tuning specialist with Audi knowledge

MTM > A renowned Audi tuner in Germany with plenty of S2 expertise

Nothelle > Another renowned Audi tuner from Germany, also with S2 expertise

Wetterauer > Yet another German tuner with coverage on the S2

Quattrosports UK > Reputable VAG specialist with proven S2 knowledge. MTM agent. 

MovIt > One of the big brake upgrade options

AP Racing > A mega brake vendor with a true 'track record'

Sachs > A fine vendor of suspension & drivetrain components. History with VAG

Koni > Another fine suspension vendor, also with VAG history

Bilstein > More suspension. A popular choice with the after-market

Boge > Yet another vendor of shocks & springs with VAG hiistory


Technical Info

SJM Auto-Technik > A fine technical resource for Audi's I5 turbocharged engine, 3B especially

Gearbox Info > Charlie Smith's site detailing various incarnations of S-Car transmission

Ross-Tech > Home of the wonderful VAG-COM application

Tyres > A useful resource for tyre information. You can shop on-line too...


Other Owner's & S2 Related Pages

S2 Owner's Registry > Smart enough to let you add your own S2 to the registry

Ersatz S2 > How to get an S2 replica built, if you live in North America

An RS2 Cabriolet > Built by Kim Collins at quattrosports UK. True TVR bait !

Norwegian Wood > You don't need to speak the language to understand this car...

More Nordic Madness > Check out this green-eyed monster :)

Audi 200 quattro turbo > Chris Miller's site on the venerable 3B engined 200TQ

Marco's RS2 Site > French & Franglais site. Some S2 Info and videos also. Merveilleux !

TOTS > A good Swiss-French based S2 site and the source of the CARicature graphic

Mike Dewar's Site > Some S2 info, lots of brochures & heaps of Nurburgring info


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Last Updated 22nd June 2003