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An introduction to VAG-COM

VAG-COM is one of the most useful pieces of software that Audi owners can have on their PC! Like the name suggests, it also works on Volkswagens, as well as recent Seats and Skodas. It's purpose is to communicate with the many electronic control units (ECUs) around the car as an on-board diagnostic (OBD) aid with similar (and better) capabilities as the VAG computer system used at your local dealership. All especially appealing with the price of VAG-COM in mind! Jump to the developers' web-site for a complete description and pricing information. I'm not on commission by the way - I just really like the product... 
Click here for the VAG-COM Site
At the most  basic level, VAG-COM can be used to read fault codes from an engine's ECU. However, VAG-COM has much more intelligence than simply interpreting fault codes. It has many more functional features related to the central locking, immobiliser, airbags, ABS, instruments, air-con and many other ECU sub-systems around the car. However, the actual functionality of VAG-COM on any given car is predicated by the number of ECUs equipped with the capability to communicate with the outside world. The most modern VAG cars have much more electronic gadgetry that VAG-COM can talk to in comparison with the relatively basic functionality of the early 90's vehicles.

Fortunately, the Bosch Motronic ECU fitted to the Audi S2 does have the necessary intelligence to link up with the diagnostic systems at Audi dealerships, and therefore works a treat with VAG-COM . Follow the Capability link to find out what else can be done with this software on the S2. Follow the Diagnostic links for descriptions of how VAG-COM can be used in anger on the S2. 


By the way -

If you don't have a PC at your disposal, there is another way to retrieve fault codes from the ECU of S2 engines. This generally involves counting the pulses from an LED hooked into the wiring loom. Click here for more info on these 'Blink Codes'.

Last Updated 18th September 2002