Workshop & Service Tools - VAG Specials

Anyone flicking through the pages of the OFRM for the S2 will see an abundance of special tools needed for many tasks from the trivially simple to the very complex. Many of these special tools are very expensive and can only be bought from dealerships in the VW/Audi group (VAG). Some tools are numbered with a VW prefix and other with VAG.

Fortunately, some of these tools are available direct from the manufacturers or their agents at a lower price - eg Kukko, Stahlwille and Hazet. A few are also available as copy parts from other manufacturers at even lower prices.

These tools are over and above the usual toolbox full of spanners, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, Torx drivers, hex drivers, balljoint splitters, pry bars and umpteen other things. Not to mention electrical gear like a decent multimeter, some test leads and the rest...

Diagnostic Tools

VAG1551 - Refer to here for details.

VAG1598 - A stupendously useful and expensive collection of custom made cables and connectors along with a breakout box needed to quickly diagnose faults on the ECU, ABS and many other electronic modules in the S2 (or any other Audi of that generation).

Engine Tools

VAG3256 - The only tool recommended for locking the ABY engine (also AAN & ADU) when changing the timing belt. Believe its also called for on the 3B.

VAG2079 - Not mandatory, but recommended as a torque multiplier for the crankshaft pully bolt when changing the timing belt. If not used then a very high range torque wrench is required.

Suspension Tools

VAG3078 - A specially split socket for the top nut on the front struts. Also requires a sturdy 7mm allen/hex key with an extended handle and some care and patience to remove and refit these nuts.

VW524 - A key type tool to engage the upper strut nut. Also requires spring compressors and sometimes a very long 7mm allen/hex key to keep the damper in place.

VAG2069 - A tube socket specially made for removing and refitting the cap nut which retains the front shock absorber in the strut.

VAG3207 - Special tool needed to remove the outer CV joint from driveshafts. Good circlip pliers are also needed for this task.

Brake Tools

VAG3272 - For winding back the piston on rear brake calipers. A suitable alternative is available from Sykes Pickavant and Laser Tools in the UK for a fraction of the price. The correct fitting for the S2 rear caliper has a 41mm spacing. You can also bodge this job with pliers or a screwdriver but it is not recommended, given how a slip could tear the piston dust cap - or have your eye out. Such a bodge only works on pistons which put up the least of resistance. The correct tool has a reaction plate which ensures the piston is easily screwed back home.

Hydraulic Tools

VAG1441 - A very high pressure guage (circa 140bar) for testing the hydraulic system pressure.

Last Updated 22nd April 2003