Ambient Temperature Display

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This section covers that ever so useful (but sometimes troublesome) ambient temperature display (ATD) found in the S2 from 1994 (From VIN R-000001). Believe it may have been optional equipment on earlier cars. A similar display is found on the UrS4/S6 and the majority of Audis built with air conditioning or climate control after 1992.

To the best of my knowledge the ATD system first appeared in some 80/90/Coupe models from 1987. The same system was fitted to the Type-44 100/200 in 1989. After that, part numbers changed several times and confusion has reigned ever since - it has taken an inordinate amount of time trying to compile info on this subject, but thanks to the diligent replies from many members on the S-Cars group these few pages present a distilled view of ATD info pertinent to the S2.

Whilst the price of replacement ATD parts from the factory are exorbitant, it is possible to fix the more common failures for a tiny fraction of Audi prices if you have (or know someone with) basic soldering skills.

Not all cars have the same ATD equipment so you'd be wise to double check part numbers if scouring the breakers for possible replacement parts. I know of at least five different variants for the ATD module, and they (probably) don't all work in the S2...

Last Updated 7th April 2002