Workshop Manuals

Official workshop information for the Audi S2 has always been difficult to get hold of in the public domain, but the links here point to the best sources of official workshop material that are available.

Bentley Publishers

The traditional source of factory workshop information is the detailed and informative manuals produced by Bentley Publishers for Audi of America. Whilst there is no S2 specific content in these manuals, as the S2 was never sold in the USA, they are a valuable source of generic info for the 80/90 Saloon and Coupe quattro in the areas of bodywork, interior, heating & A/C, suspension, brakes and electrics.

Most manuals are available both in book or CD format. The books obviously lend themselves to quick greasy thumbing in the workshop, but the CD versions are somewhat more portable and can be searched more easily. The table below can be used to determine which Bentley manuals are suitable for the S2 owner looking for official workshop information.

Topics Covered
Audi 80, 90, Coupe quattro 1988-1992 Official Factory Workshop Manual (A892)
Includes 80 quattro, 90 quattro and 20V models.
Recommended for all S2 variants - Sedan running gear is same as Avant. Does not cover 01E transmission, 3B or ABY engines. Great generic electrical section is largely applicable to the S2.
Audi 80, 90 1988-1992, Coupe quattro 1988-1991 Official Factory Microfiche archived to CD-ROM (AFB3)
Complements above in CD-ROM format.
Also recommended for all S2 variants if you need a CD based manual. This is not a CD-ROM version of A892 above. It does not include schematics and is not easy to search. Only works on Windows PC platforms.
Audi 90 1993-1995 Official Factory Workshop Manual on CD-ROM (AE90)
Should be a good supplement for R134a A/C systems.
Would expect later A/C and general electrical info to be useful for later S2s. Works on Mac and Windows platforms.
Audi 100, A6 1992-1997 Official Factory Workshop Manual on CD-ROM (EAC4)
Includes S4/S6. A good supplement for AAN, Motronic and engine topics applicable to ABY. Also covers 01E transmission.
Does not cover 6-speed 01E. Works on Mac and Windows platforms. Recommended for ABY owners with a thirst for engine related info.


Audi has recently introduced an on-line store , called ErWin, for purchasing much of it's electronic archive of workshop manuals. However the availability of Coupe and S2 specific content is patchy and incomplete at time of writing. Namely, the 4WD running gear folder only fully applies to the Saloon & Avant models. In addition, the ABY mechanical folder is not yet available and there are some other notable omissions.

Access to the material requires the user to register with an Email address and credit card. It currently only works with Internet Explorer 5.x on Windows machines and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader v5 and the SealedMedia plugin to be installed. The latter is crucially important as it is needed to view the encrypted documents which are downloaded to your machine. Make sure you have all the software installed before trying to download anything.

All media is available as an electronic download that can only be viewed on your machine. You can of-course print the material for your own use, but expect to go through shed loads of paper and ink/toner along the way. Also note that printed material is 'watermarked' to ensure that photocopying is problematic.

Prices of the material at Erwin are quite attractive, but as the site is so new, it is very hard tracking down info for the S2 across a large number of interest areas. Lots of patience, a fast computer and a broadband connection are necessary to get the best from Erwin. The sheer size of some files will definitely be off putting for dialup users...

Much of the Audi 80 & S2 workshop info at Erwin is obviously a scaled down English translation of the original German documents (which are available if you prefer). Consequently, many sections are nothing more than annotated exploded diagrams which often lack elaboration and context. The self diagnosis (OBD) sections seem to be the most informative. Do not expect to get a concise set of removal & refitting directions as per the Bentley manuals.

Last Updated 25th November 2002