Follow the link above and enter an Audi Vehicle Identification Number into the VIN decoder and press "Decode It".

The VIN must be 17 characters in length - Uppercase or lowercase.


This VIN decoder only works on Audi VINs.

It is designed to decode Audi VINs as per the global ISO 3779 standard.

It does NOT fully decode VINs for cars exported to the USA.

As always - the quality of results are proportional to any feedback I receive, so if you spot a clanger then please don't hesitate to Email me !

LATEST UPDATE - The VIN decoder has been completely rewritten and it works again - thanks entirely to Andy Burton (aka 'Sonic' on the S2 Forum) for his efforts there.

A fantastic effort that is much appreciated. In time, I have further updated the VIN decoder Javascript with support for some additional vehicles with unusual VINs such as the RS2. I could still use some help with ongoing confusion on the many 80/90 variants and the special VIN for Quattro GMBH vehicles.

Last updated 28th June 2007