Common Sense

There aren't that many S2's in the wild so you should be prepared to travel some distance in viewing a few. However, don't waste any time going to view a potential S2 purchase without doing your homework and using a bit of common sense !

Talk to the dealer or owner on the phone and get answers to the basic questions.

If the answers don't please you, then keep looking !

How many owners ?

What service history ?

Any accident damage ?

Colour ?

Mileage ?

Valid Tax & MOT ?

Recent Tyres ?

Leather or Cloth interior ?

Air conditioning working ?

Any other extras fitted ?

Overall condition ?

Why is it being sold ?

Assuming you think the car is worth a look, then be prepared for a thorough inspection. Arrange a time to view the car and ask that the engine be COLD. A private owner may or may not let you drive the car unless you bring along a valid insurance document.

When buying private, it can be convenient to view the car in a public place when distance is an issue. The owner might agree to meet you half way. Fine for a first view, but on no circumstance should you agree a purchase until arranging a second viewing at the address where the car is registered. The time in between can be used to run some vehicle background checks.

Last Updated 22nd July 2001