Red Tape

Again, this site isn't the best place to cover all the common sense issues related to red tape for a used car purchase. Here's a brief reminder of what you need to see before handing over any money. If in doubt, call in the experts or walk away.

By the way - Much of this won't make any sense to readers living outside of the UK - Sorry !

Service History - The more receipted service history the better. Do remember when looking at a service book full of lovely VAG stamps, that the mileage intervals and dates line up. Also - you can ring the Audi UK customer service team on 0845 769 9777 and verify the service history of the vehicle against their central service database. They can also confirm things like the date the car was imported to the UK and its original colour, optional extras and specification. 

HPI Check - I would thoroughly recommend you get an HPI check to determine if the car has any shady history in the way of police interest, outstanding finance and that the chassis numbers line up with the reg plate. Make sure to note the chassis number from the vehicle itself and not the V5 paperwork or an MOT certificate. One thing to remember is that the HPI check is only insured for 'correctness' up to GBP10k. Call HPI for more details or a vehicle check on 0172 242 2422.

MOTs - Do check all MOT certificates for mileage and dates that fit with the documented service stamps. Original MOT certificates should of course be checked for validity as per the norm.

V5 - Original V5 documents are watermarked to ensure authenticity. The DVLA site has useful guidelines on what to look for on the V5 paperwork as well as information on cherished number plates.

Tax Disc - Do remember to check that the vehicle's tax disc is valid and displays the correct registration plate. Some people like to get extra money if the disc does not expire in the next month or two, so talk it through.

Finally - Make sure you get all the proper manuals for the vehicle and the audio system including any annoying lock codes for the radio head unit. If there is any installer's documentation for an immobilser, alarm or tracker system installed, you might need that for insurance purposes.

Last updated 14th June 2002