Option Codes

A great deal of time was spent looking through the 'MSP' information on the ETKA database for all the relevant option codes. Unfortunately, the English version of ETKA only includes the 'P' series of option codes so whilst the list presented here is extensive, it is by no means complete. However, the information presented below will help current and future S2 owners check what options their car was equipped with when it left the factory. As always, I can only improve the information contained here if I get feedback from others, so please contact me if you spot any errors or uncover another source of information that will complete this list.

The option codes can be found on the VIN sticker printed inside the front of the car's service schedule booklet. These codes are completely meaningless to the casual observer, so if you want 'the knowledge' - read on !

These codes are applicable to ALL Series-4 80/90 vehicles including the S2 and RS2.

I quickly discovered that much of the standard equipment fitted to the S2 (eg Sliding Sunroof and ABS) aligns with an option code on the VIN sticker, but there is also plenty of standard equipment (eg Headlamp washers) that does NOT have a corresponding option code listed. Its all rather confusing.

One thing is for sure though - if the VIN sticker has the option code, then the car must have the equipment.

Click here for the on-line 'P' code reference - It may take a while to load if you have a slow connection.

Last Updated 18th September 2002