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Bosch Motronic Info

Motronic Fuses for the ABY and ADU Engines

Component Fuse on ABY & ADU Engine status when this fuse blown
Fuel Pump S13 (15A)


Diagnostic Plug (Black) S21 (10A) Runs without OBD
Wastegate frequency valve S24 (10A) Limp-Home Mode
Idle stabiliser valve S24 Limp-Home Mode
Carbon canister solenoid valve S24 Limp-Home Mode
Heater for lambda sensor S25 (10A) Runs 
ECU B+ Feed S27 (20A) OFF
Holding Relay for Air Mass Sensor S27 OFF
Fuel Injectors & Air Mass Sensor S28 (15A) OFF
Ignition Coils 1-5 S32 (20A) OFF

NOTE - The relay J17 in location 10 doesn't just provide switched power to the fuel pump (G6) via S13 - it also provides a switched feed into fuses S24, S25 and S28 so bear this in mind when tracing any potential wiring glitches.

Last Updated 8th April 2002