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Bosch Motronic Info

Motronic Fuses for the 3B Engine

Component Fuse on 3B Engine status when this fuse blown
Fuel Pump S13 (15A)


Diagnostic Plug (Black) S21 (10A) Runs without OBD
Wastegate frequency valve S24 (10A) Limp-Home Mode
Idle stabiliser valve S24 Limp-Home Mode
Carbon canister solenoid valve S24 Limp-Home Mode
Heater for lambda sensor S26 (10A) Runs 
ECU B+ Feed S27 (20A) OFF
Holding Relay for Air Mass Sensor S27 OFF
Fuel Injectors & Air Mass Sensor S28 (15A) OFF

NOTE - The relay J17 in location 10 doesn't just provide switched power to the fuel pump (G6) via S13 - it also provides a switched feed into fuses S24, S26 and S28 so bear this in mind when tracing any potential wiring glitches.

Last Updated 8th April 2002