The Haggle

Prospective buyers should be aware of current market prices for the S2, and know how to make adjustments based on actual mileage and overall condition. Cars should have a valid MOT certificate and a great deal of receipted  service history if they are to attain the highest prices. Its challenging to find a tidy S2 with less than 100k miles, but you might be lucky with a 94 or 95 model. Up to date pricing info can be found in Parker's guides in the UK - Also available online.

There are some 'big ticket' items on the S2 which the prospective buyer should be aware of, so it is best to check the following major items are healthy should you need to factor a repair bill into the price. Many of these are generic for any turbocharged quattro but some are specific to the S2. In no particular order then :

By the way - don't let all this talk of repair bills put you off ! The S2 is inherently a very reliable package with many lessons learned on the Ur-quattro and it's umpteen thousands of miles on the worlds road and rally stages. Yes - some parts are exhorbitently expensive from Audi dealers in the UK, but there are a number of reputable specialists both in the UK and abroad who can supply parts for sensible money. Watch S2 Central for links !

As for extras that you might expect to pay more for, I would suggest the following options are the most desirable on the S2. I must admit to not having seen all of these options on an S2 in the flesh yet, but here goes...

Click here for information on the option codes that are printed on the cars VIN sticker. 

Having said all that, the actual amount these optional extras are worth is very much down to the individual. You are best advised to do your homework and make an offer based primarily on the general condition of the car, its mileage and maintenance history and not get too carried away just because it is fully loaded with optional extras.

Happy Haggling !

Last updated December 13th 2001