Bosch Motronic - Component Datasheet

Hall Effect Sensor (G40)

On the 3B engine, the hall effect sensor (G40) is located in the distributor. The signal provided by G40 is used by the ECU to :

  • Determine the ignition firing point for cylinder #1 when the engine is first cranked
  • Determine fuel injection timing and sequencing
  • Create a reference point for signals from knock sensors G61 & G66

If G40 fails, the engine cannot be restarted (as the ECU needs a reference firing point for #1).

However, if G40 fails while the engine is running, it will continue to run by deriving the firing points from signals received from G4 and G28. In addition, the ECU will retard the ignition by 6 degrees as a safety measure.

Application 3B
Audi Part Number 034 998 065
Bosch Part Number ???

Last Updated 9th November 2007